Cribbage As an Inspiration For Other Games

Cribbage is such a well loved game that it is no surprise that it has inspired the creation of several other games, one of which is Battlefield Cribbage. If you like the game of Cribbage, you will more than likely enjoy Battlefield Cribbage. It is a different spin on Cribbage that has stayed true to the purity of the game, while implementing new levels of skill and strategy.

One of the first differences that you will immediately will see is the change in the cribbage board. Instead of using a traditional board they have taken gaming to the next level and have turned the board into a battlefield. But do not let this clever board fool you, it’s is still scored the same as traditional Cribbage. It is a game that will continuously shock you with its depth of play and the exciting new dimensions it has brought to a traditional game.

Battlefield Cribbage makes you throw luck out of the window and rely on your wit and strategies and will keep you talking about it well after the game is over. Battlefield Cribbage stays true to the traditional scoring of Cribbage. Each of Battlefield Cribbage’s rounds are called skirmishes, which is made up of individual turns until the player can put down no more tiles or until the deck of cards is gone.

Just like in Cribbage they are two ways to score points. The first is called “scoring the frontline”, and the second is “scoring the battlefield”, which makes you score the best 4 our of 5 cards in your hand, and this happens after each skirmish. As a twist they also include the jokers into the deck in play, the joker is referred to as the “kill card” and it pretty much says its meaning because it will kill any hand that is it a part of during the scoring process.

The game also includes a calculator to help in the scoring of the hands and it is a recorder for reoccurring hands and it’s a game log to record the activity of the game. Battlefield is not one of those games you can play by yourself, it is recommended to be played by 2, 3 or 4 players, and if you have more than four willing to play, you are able to play in teams.

Another game inspired by Cribbage is called CrossCribb. It is a wonderful interpretation of traditional Cribbage that “multiplies the fun”. This twist to Cribbage uses the conventional rules for scoring, with the added bonus of sabotaging your opponent’s hand. This is a one of a kind version of Cribbage because you are able to be played with one to six players. It has been designed to have very large board so that people around the table aren’t fumbling around trying to reach and move little pegs. There is nothing like playing traditional Cribbage, but variations can be a lot of fun and are definitely a way to think about new types of strategies for Cribbage that may possibly inspire changes in the original game that suit your taste.

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Bioware is an Example to Other Game Companies

Bioware is a rare breed in the gaming industry today. Even being owned by EA has not taken away their ability to craft grand tales and immerse the player in a universe so vast it takes 40+ hours and multiple play through’s to uncover all the content.

I believe that Bioware serves as an example to other gaming companies about how to develop great games. If you look at Bioware’s line-up throughout the years they have a number of outstanding gaming properties. Some like KOTR (Knights of the Old Republic) and Mass Effect are considered two of the best RPG’s of all time.

Even though there are complaints about DragonAge because of the graphics and or game play, it still has gotten fan approval and strong reviews. It’s because Bioware tells a story like no one else on the gaming industry today. They make you care about the characters, and they let you play out the story as good or bad, or anywhere in between. Their games always give you a reason for multiple play through’s, and there is always new stuff to uncover.

Bioware does not spend time on bad games or producing mediocre entertainment. They listen to the gaming community, and they take the time to produce quality. Their PC games come with a tool kit so the community can change or enhance the game, which means their PC games a lot of re-playability.

Other companies need to play games like Mass Effect 1 & 2 so they can understand what a quality game is about. As gamers we want to play games that are most importantly fun. Bioware understands this and that is why their games rate so highly over the years.

Thanks Bioware, you set a strong example to follow.

Scott Fernandez

Got Game Reviews

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